Leaving our mark for over sixty years



Our passion for art and decoration finds its roots in the past, when the company’s founder, Lodovico Cupioli, just over the age of 18, started his professional career. In 1957, he opened a small workshop where the art of scagliola inlay – a decorative technique dating back to the seventeenth century – took shape thanks to his manual skills and creativity, becoming the focus of his artistic and productive career.

In the seventies, with the inclusion of his brother Renzo and together with valuable assistants, the company started to grow and it expanded to a variety of furnishings the selection of its scagliola decorations. Lodovico led the company with tireless creativity, creating unique pieces designed to charm its customers, understanding their needs and giving shape to their dreams.

Cupioli Lodovico and Renzo

a tailored approach

Customisation turned out to be a core principle of the company and the reason why design studios started to choose Cupioli as their trusted partner in the creation of projects with high quality standards. Artistic quality is made available to the best Interior Designers to create pieces of art that become part of high quality made in Italy furnishings.

Cupioli Arte e Design customization
Cupioli Arte e Design Company

Cupioli today

When Sonia and Luca – the owner’s daughter and son – joined the company, in addition to consolidating the traditional production, the project “Scagliola Art Evolution” was born, and brings to life the new contemporary line “Arte Oggi”. Sonia and Luca, now at the helm of the company, share their passion for decoration as a Family heritage and pursue their professional growth by enhancing the value of artistic craftsmanship, as unique in Rimini as it is unique in the world. The whole family works together In the creative workshop, combining their professional skills with the common objective of giving a new interpretation to a material that originates from a century-old classic and illustrious tradition.

Cupioli Scagliola Art Evolution

Today, Cupioli is a well-established and reliable company, open to new professional challenges and constantly dedicated to improvement, respecting its artistic identity yet looking at the future.